Friday, May 6, 2011

What defines a terorrist?

I don't have a lot of time to write at the moment, but I decided to leave you guys with a quote. Tell me what you think about this, it is really deep.

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

To me, this quote pretty much explains why there will never be world peace.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Illegal Immigration: what should we do about it?

Immigration is an issue that I have been seeing pop up a lot lately. It is an extremely controversial topic but nonetheless one that needs to be addressed.

I think that we should pass the DREAM act. It is a no brainer really. For those of you who don’t know, the DREAM act if passed will give U.S. citizenship to illegal alien students who are of good moral character IF they complete two years in the military or two years in an institute of higher learning (college).

Now think about it. This will help us out much more than it will hurt us. First of all, it gives these students a chance to go to college and contribute to society which many of them are willing to do. And even if they do not wish to do this, they can join the U.S. military for two years. Without the DREAM act, they will continue to work as illegal aliens and not pay a cent in income tax. Isn’t it much better to actually put them to good use?

I am curious to see what you guys think about this. Do you approve of the DREAM act or oppose it?

I also think we should make the process of becoming a legal immigrant for adults much easier. One of the reasons why so many people never register to be a citizen is due to the sheer amount of paperwork, high cost, and long amount of time that it takes. It should be much easier than this, that way more illegal immigrants will be encouraged to become legal.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Will China overtake us as the largest economy in the world?

There has been a growing fear the past couple of years that China's economy will overtake the United States as the largest in the world. I am here to debunk that myth and explain a few things.

1. This fear is nothing new to us Americans. We thought the exact same thing about the Soviets, Japanese, and Germans all at different points in time. Did any of them overtake us in GDP? No. Why should China be any different? China is the manufacturing powerhouse of the world now, and people think the sheer number of factories they have is enough for them to eventually overtake us. What people fail to realize is that the people working in these factories make barely enough money to put food on the table. They are literally starving. There is no established minimum wage in China and they get absolutely no benefits. While they are getting paid 40 cents and hour with no benefits, American workers are making $30 an hour and getting all sorts of benefits. We are living the dream. Don't worry folks, we still have the good jobs. At least for now. Yes, we are outsourcing a lot of jobs overseas (Dell and Nike are a few names that come to mind), but keep in mind they are working the "crappy" jobs that us Americans don't want to work.

2. The other day someone said something along the lines of "so what if China overtakes us as the largest economy? Why will that matter?" Well, even though I do not think it is going to happen, I will explain why this does infact matter. America established itself as the superpower of the world after World War II. We have since been the superpower of the world and have gone uncontested (except for the Soviets, but we know what happened to them). China overtaking us would be a huge blow as that means they would have enough GDP to invest in their military much like we do. What happens to the last bit of oil on Earth? Don't you think they would want to fight us for it? The answer is obviously yes. We cannot and will not let China overtake us.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Death of Osama bin Laden

I am not the type of person to believe everything I am told. I like to think about things and form my own opinions based on prior knowledge and critical thinking.

Here is my take on the "death" of Osama bin Laden:

There have always been two likely possibilities.

1. OBL was/is dead and has been for a long time.
2. OBL was/is still working with the CIA and was/is being kept safe by them.

Pakistani Secret Service, CIA and OBL worked together in the early 80s via Operation Cyclone. It was and still is unclear when their cooperation ended. (If it ever did)

If true, it’s no surprise he was being kept safe in Pakistan all this time.

My educated guess is OBL had never stopped working with the CIA and may have just died of old age recently.

Giving credit of his death to Obama is their way of ensuring he will be able to control and manipulate the people of the united states more effectively for his next presidential term.

Don’t get the wrong idea either, presidential elections are indeed fixed.

Obama has already been chosen to win the next election but they want to make sure he is able to influence as many minds as possible by bolstering his image as “the savior” who killed OBL.

No coincidence announcing this on “may day” either.

Hitlers death was also announced on May 1st 66 years ago.

 CIA is really good at getting rid of evidence as usual though.

They sent all the WTC scraps over seas as soon as humanly possible.
Now they send OBL’s body into the sea the same day they supposedly killed him.
At least they are somewhat consistent.

*scratch that, they're ridiculously consistent.